The beauty industry was created to help people look and feel as good as they can, but let’s face it, even though we sell and promote a whole host of glamorous enhancements, they’re not always practical for employees.

Less is always more when you’re working. Keep nails neat and clean and go that extra mile for an interview, get a manicure. Stick to neutral shades of makeup and avoid heavy lip gloss or glittery eyeshadows. Remember, well groomed brows show you pay attention to detail.

In an interview scenario, our bodies do a lot of the talking. Interview attire depends on the kind of job you’re interviewing for. It’s always best to dress to impress, but in a strictly professionally manner. It’s not a fashion show, nor a night out. Go for simple, flattering styles to suit your style and shape. If in doubt, most larger department stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis all have great FREE personal shopping services.

Attention all therapists – it’s a good idea to check with your recruitment consultant if you will be required to carry out a trade test as part of the interview process – in which case you might want to go wearing a clean, pressed uniform ensuring don’t wear jewellery and your hair is tied back.

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