You’re nervous – it happens to the best of us!   You care greatly about how you come across but the nerves kick in!  It’s perfectly natural, but what helps?  Remember, an interview is just a conversation between two.

1 – Plan Ahead.  Preparation is key. The more time you spend preparing, the more confident you’ll be on the day.

2 – Don’t Rush It.  Get there in plenty of time and relax.  Getting lost or having difficulty parking won’t help you.  Map your route and work out a travel plan.

3 – Breathe.   Any kind of anxiety can make it difficult to think straight and be confident.  Employers get to choose the best of a bunch, so make sure you showcase yourself in the best way.

4 – Walk Tall.  Avoid sitting down at reception.  Waiting until they call you to struggle out of your chair doesn’t paint a good first impression.  Stand tall, smile brightly and offer a firm handshake with lots of friendly eye contact.

5 – Just Go For It.  Be yourself, they invited you there so give them what they want.  First impressions last and it’ll be the only shot you get.  Good luck!