If you think your social media accounts don’t count, then think again!  One in three employers reject great candidates based on something they discovered online.  Don’t lose a job offer just because you forgot to delete those photos from your best friend’s hen do.

Aside from your skills and experience, the top reasons a company will make you an offer are…

  • Good personality
  • Professional image
  • Wide range of interests
  • Your background info was accurate

…and here’s the top reasons they may not…

  • Inappropriate content posted
  • Info about candidate drinking or using drugs
  • Bad mouthing previous employers
  • Lied about qualifications

…so, do yourself a favour

  • Keep anything you’d rather hide from future employers private
  • Delete questionable posts / photos and untag yourself from anything undesirable
  • Pick a bright, smiley, professional photo as your profile pic
  • Don’t talk about work on social media