1. You dread Mondays

2. Dinner conversations are dominated by complaints about work

3. You find yourself dreaming about retirement

4. You get headaches, colds and feel stressed out

5. You are already thinking about getting a new job

Barring the occasional bad day, if you’re already having thoughts of leaving your job, chances are, that rumination is happening for a good reason. If you dislike your job, your co-workers, or your boss, you should take that as a sign that it’s time to start job searching.

If you’ve made the decision to leave your job, don’t just quit. Be strategic and think ahead.   Start looking for a new position before you resign.  Remember, it’s easier to get hired when you’re working and sometimes these things take a little time.

Get in touch today and we can offer you help and advice and let you know what’s out there, in the strictest confidence.  It will get you out of a bad situation and give you something else to focus on instead of the job you’re not happy with!