1 – Do your homework and research the company, and the interviewer well, just as if you were meeting them in person.  An advantage of a preliminary phone interview is that you can keep helpful notes close to hand during the call.

2 – It’s sometimes a good idea to take notes on the call but make sure it doesn’t confuse you or effect the flow of the conversation.

3 – Keep a glass of water handy in case your mouth gets dry from speaking.

4 – No chewing gum or smoking on the call and take the call somewhere quiet and distraction free.

5 – Listen first then talk.

6 – Speak slowly and clearly and don’t interrupt the interviewer – wait for them to finish speaking before you chime in.

7 – Smile whilst you speak – confidence travels down the phone line.  It’ll help you think more positively whilst answering questions too.

8 – Ask questions and find out what you need to know about the role and to show you’re interesting and inquisitive.

9 – Give relatively short answers and remember to stay on point.

10 – If you really want the job, make sure you end the call on a positive note. The aim of the call is to progress to a face to face interview – thank the interviewer for their time and make a plan for next steps.